History of Artificial jewellery

Published: 21st October 2008
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Almost, there is no difference between antique and artificial jewellery. Artificial jewellery was introduced in 1930s. However the definition of antique jewellery is also referenced by the dates of 1930s. Most of the people and jewelers are agreed on the dates of antique jewellery.
Artificial jewellery was introduced in 1930s as inexpensive and disposable jewellery. This was specially made to wear with a particular dress. This jewellery is not made to hand over to newest generations. This jewellery is fashioned for a very short time period and then becomes outdated. It has one benefit that once it is disposed off the disposed jewellery can be sold to different jewelers. They make few alterations in the design and make them ready again to sell. Altered designs can be selected for those costumes which are newly purchased. Altered designs have become a new fashion.
The earliest kinds of Artificial jewellery which were made but have no name to give were made with glass and paste jewellery in 1700s. Rich people of that time made duplicates of there existing jewellery for different reasons. In 1800 the middle class people were arisen. Different kinds of jewellery were intended to make in different qualities with different gemstones which have different values. At that time fine jewellery was started to make with precious metals like gold and silver and precious gemstones like diamonds, emeralds, etc. This fine jewellery was not totally pure because a thin layer of gold was rolled with base of jewellery. Semi precious stones like; corals, pearls or amethyst were also used to make fine jewellery. Same techniques that were used in artificial jewellery are used in making this fine jewellery. the artificial jewellery of middle class was metal touched to look like gold and glass stones and semi gemstones were use to give the touch of precious stones. This jewellery was affordable then till now it is vastly used and available in different gold impressions.
Jewellery which is available in these days does differ much from the jewellery which was available in past times. Now a days all three kinds of jewellery like; semi precious jewellery, fine jewellery of course artificial jewellery are available to purchase. Artificial jewellery adds charms in ones personality and show ones fashion sense. Artificial jewellery of old times is now becoming popular and is being reproduced nowadays on large demands. Even artificial jewellery which is produced nowadays has no quality in pieces as the older pieces had. They were heavy in weight durable in size and the quality materials were used in them.
Collection of Artificial jewellery has also become hobby which has great fun to collect and to wear as well. This jewellery is not only collectible but it is the style and fashion which start conversation to onlookers and becomes a mean to impress.
The type, style and the material of artificial jewellery are the clues which help to identify that from which period that particular jewellery belongs. For instance, the dress clips which were introduced in 1930s were become out dated in 1950s. Colors, designs, styles and gems can also help to identify the period of jewellery. For instance, silver color of jewellery was favorite in 1910-1930 and silver jewellery was available in silver, platinum or white gold etc. so whatever the design or style is chosen it would really looks beautiful on any one who will wears it.

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