Jewellery Boxes - How to Make Your Own Personalized Jewellery Box

Published: 16th December 2008
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Making a beautiful and personalized jewellery box at home is not very difficult. There are many materials available out there which can be used to design a lovely box for storing all types of jewellery articles like necklaces, rings, bracelets, chains, hoop earrings, studs and dangling earrings. Some people prefer simple boxes with only one compartment, while others like to have dividers inside their boxes to store different jewellery articles in separate cubicles.

Those who are in the jewellery making business also need to design creative and attractive boxes and jewellery cases for their customers. In this article we will discuss different styles of jewellery containers and the materials that can be used for making an elegant and easy-to-make jewelry holder.

The simplest kind of a jewellery case is the one made from cardboard. Everybody has had the experience of working with cardboard at some point in their life. I remember learning to make small boxes of cardboard in the handwork class at school. These cute boxes in funky colors can be decorated with stamps, ribbons, laces and embellishments. If you want to make a box from wood, you will need to learn the basic woodworking techniques. Another option is to create fabric pouches made from velvet or other similar fabrics. These cases can also be adorned with different materials like stones, sequins, beads and crystals.

A personalized jewellery box can be made by using charms or engraving your name on a wooden box. Some people also use artwork prints or stamps to customize jewellery cases. You may need to buy a simple wooden or leather box and then paint it with different colors and patterns. Rubber stamping is a technique which is easy to use and very effective. There is a lot of information available online on wood engraving as well as rubber stamping that can be used to create lovely jewellery organizers at home.

In addition to sturdy jewellery organizers, people also try making fun jars at home to store jewellery articles. Such a jewellery box can be used as a decorative item and looks beautiful. All you need is an empty jar, acrylic paints, wrapping or pattern paper, ribbons or laces, and other embellishments that you like, such as handmade paper flowers, stickers, buttons, beads and brads, etc. These jars can be personalized in any way you like and can also make excellent gifts for all occasions. Other than jewellery, these jars can also be used to store stationary items and other belongings.

People also make treasure holders to use as jewellery cases. Such a jewellery box can be given any shape you like. Alternatively, you can use a pattern paper to give a theme to your beautiful box. Personalizing a jewellery case is easy and fun. You can start from scratch by working with raw materials or you can also have a pre-made jewellery case and then decorate it according to your taste and style. Working with laces, ribbons and other types of embellishments is easy and it can give a whole new look to an otherwise simple jewellery holder.

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