Some Information About 22ct Indian Gold Jewelry

Published: 04th September 2009
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The clarity of gold can be measured in carats. If you want to get the gold's purest form then you should go for 24ct gold. But it is very soft form of it and it is impossible to use it for making complex designs of jewelry pieces. However pure gold can be merged into other alloys so that it may become hard enough to be used for manufacturing desired ornaments and jewels. Therefore gold used in jewelry making is 22ct and the remaining 2ct is the mixture of other alloys.

You can find 22k Indian gold jewellery in wide range of captivating and fascinating designs. These designs are created according to the demands of the consumers and latest trends that are in fashion in the market of jewels and ornaments. This type of jewelry can be availed in the form of rings, earrings, chains, pendants, toe rings, anklets and necklaces. 22ct Indian gold jewelry articles are known to be perfect for brides and they love to adore these pieces on their weddings. According to a few people the pure gold jewelry is made of 24ct gold, however this is not true, as 24ct is not used for manufacturing jewelry pieces.

Different types of Indian gold jewelry pieces, which are available in the market, are manufactured by22ct, 18ct or 14ct gold. Indian jewelry made of 22ct gold is absolutely classy and dazzling. You also have the option to select the design of your choice and ask the designer to make the personalized jewelry pieces in that design. Any design no matter how complex it is can be easily made in gold.


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