Synthetic Sapphire Jewellery - Different Types of Sapphire Jewellery

Published: 16th December 2008
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Sapphire is a kind of mineral known as corundum. There are many types of sapphires depending upon its color. When the sapphire is red, it is called ruby and the pinkish-orange sapphire is called padparadscha which means lotus blossom. A sapphire other than blue is called a fancy sapphire.

Pink sapphires are usually known as girly sapphires because pink gives a feminine look. Sapphire jewellery became very popular after Paris Hilton was seen wearing a pink sapphire ring and a yellow diamond pendant. After this, people are taking interest in sapphires and the demand of sapphires is increasing day by day. Especially the companies which are known for the Home Shopping Network are taking interest in pink sapphires. Current trend is towards the large knuckle type ring that is paved with tiny pink sapphires.

Sapphires come in about all colors depending upon the quantity of impurities in it. Elements such as titanium, chromium and iron all can change the hue of the transparent mineral into variety of colors such as green, pink, orange, yellow and variety of blue. Sapphires are also available in black and grey color, as well.

Sapphire is a hard mineral. It has a melting greater than 2000 degrees C and is also insoluble and infusible. It is widely used in sapphire rings and other jewellery items. Besides this, it has other practical applications as well.

Sapphires have two different varieties; synthetic and natural. As it is clear from the name that natural sapphires are mined naturally and the synthetic sapphire is grown through different procedures developed in 1902 by Auguste Verneuil. Due to the advancement in the production on a large scale of synthesizing sapphire today sapphires are available at very cheap rates. Due to this affordability, it became more valuable for both the use in jewellery and industry. Different types of sapphires are available all over the world.

Besides the color difference, sapphires are also differentiated due to its shapes and appearance. A star sapphire is named due to the appearance of the star-shaped pattern. This star-shaped pattern is the result of asterism. Asterism is a phenomenon which can be found in different types of gems. In star sapphires it is due to the impurities which are intersecting needle-like. Star Sapphire jewellery is dependent upon the color and the asterism intensity.

Usually the sapphires used in jewellery are synthetic sapphires because they are more affordable. Natural sapphires are expensive because they are rarer. Both the types of sapphires look same. There is not much difference in them. Only jewellery experts can distinguish between natural and synthetic jewellery. The price of the sapphires also depends upon the clarity, size, cut, quality and color of the sapphire. Sapphire jewellery exists in a wide range. But most popular of them are sapphire jewellery rings such as engagement rings and eternity rings. Most valuable sapphire available in market is blue sapphire. Varieties in blue sapphires are often found at highest prices. Sapphires in cornflower blue shade are the most popular sapphire available, known as "Kashmir sapphire". Besides this, padparadscha also has higher price and popularity.

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